Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the costume be itchy for my child to wear?

A: Every surface that touches skin is lined with soft fabric, because a costume that itches makes everyone grumpy. We also took great care in our choice and placement of tulles, laces and trims with this issue in mind. We even designed the headpieces to be as soft and comfortable as possible. Our test subjects reported no problems with itchiness.


Q: Can I wash my pan costume?

A: Pan costumes are made to be as washable as possible, but tulle can lose starch and flowers can unravel, so hand washing and spot cleaning are recommended. Do not dry clean, and feel free to get in touch for washing instructions on specific costumes.


Q: How long will my costume last?

A: This depends largely on how well it is cared for and how much wear and tear it receives. We opted for fabrics that were a bit more durable and paid careful attention to construction techniques, but the costumes are still made out of satin, velvet, lace, bridal tulle, organdy, etc. and should be treated accordingly to prolong the life of the pieces. If you damage a costume piece you can contact us to purchase replacement pieces.


Q: Where are the costumes made and who makes them? 

A: All Pan costumes are handmade to order in the Turkey in the Pan Costume, by qualified Pan Costume staff.


Q: Will the costumes be comfortable to play in? 

A: All of our young test subjects and models reported a high level of comfort and willingness to play while wearing the costumes. In fact the only problems arose when trying to persuade the models to stop playing in the costumes once the 'official' testing had been completed.


Q: What is included in the shipping cost?

A: Several of the costume pieces are fairly large, so naturally relatively large boxes are required to pack the costumes safely (especially the princess crinolines and wings!). A lot of thought and effort was put into designing the packaging for each costume; we did our best to come up with the safest and most cost effective method to ensure that the costumes reach you in perfect condition. Our shipping costs always include insurance, a tracking number and signed-for delivery. 


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