Unicorn My Little Pony Mini Tutu for Toddlers
Unicorn My Little Pony Mini Tutu for Toddlers
Unicorn My Little Pony Mini Tutu for Toddlers
Unicorn My Little Pony Mini Tutu for Toddlers
Unicorn My Little Pony Mini Tutu for Toddlers
Unicorn My Little Pony Mini Tutu for Toddlers

Unicorn My Little Pony Mini Tutu for Toddlers

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Product Description 

My Little Pony Costume 

Materials used: Mikado fabric, satin, crystal tulle, sequin, rhinestone, fabric flowers, artificial pearls.

Bodice is made of mikado fabric. 

Zipper on the back.


We do not accept return or refund for custom made items.

Please refer to the measurement chart for correct size before ordering.

Unicorn concepts is suitable for birthday celebration or album shoot with the finest detail of your costume theme.

The most special, best quality costumes for your child end your little baby are Pan Costumes.

First class quality fabric is used in the product you are examining and prepared with care.


The inner part of the product is lined.

Product is completely handmade and manufactured in Turkey, Do not compare with imported products.

Prepared with %100 local and handmade.


Size collection

Option 1

Standart size selection

Please check our size chart the ensure that the product corresponds exactly to your child.


Options 2

Special sewing services

İf you want to sew this product exept the table,you can order our special service (special sewing)button.When creating costum sewing order,you must write down your child's measurementsin the order description section.


Special planting conditions  are as follows

With our special sewing service,you can have your favorite product tailored exactly to your child's size.

Your costume will be costume tailored to you and delivered to your adress as soon as possible.

ATTENTİON:Special sewing services for your child will be sewing special products and because it will not be possible to resale the consumer (manifacturing defect) exept for the right of the consumer can not be used or delivered products can not be returned.

Please contact us (0850 255 16 68)before creating your order to find out if the dimensions you can request are possible.



The order can be delivered in 1 to 3 working days on average, but this period may be extended for more purchases.


Therefore, if you are buying items for a birthday party,make sure to specfy the date in which you will use the products in the order note section whenplacing your order.

Your order will be scheduled to be at your adress before the date your specify,otherwise you will be returned.



You can check the conditions for return,change and cancellation of orders and other detailed information from the Cancellation-Refund-Conditions link at the bottom of our website.

NOTE: The consumer can not use his right of withdrawal inthe products produced in accordance requests and demands of the consumer or made special to the person by making changes or additions,(Special seiwng services).



We recommended dry cleaning for cleaning products.

You must use it for parental supervision for 0-3 years old.

In order to make a change of body size or return on our clothing products,you must return the product with the original packaging and delivered box with the invoice without any deformation and using the product and send it to the UPS Company.

Please click on the Cancellation-Refund-Exchange terms link at the bottom of our website for detailed.

Information about returns, exchanges and cancellations. Refunds and exchange that do not meet to terms are not acceptables.



All of produced are shot in a studio environment using professionel equipment.

They're maybe slight differences between the product images and the original colors due to reasons such as studio lights, display setting where are you display the product.


The copyright of our product images belongs to pankostum.com(GÖĞÜSGEREN LTD.ŞTİ)


Use our company without written permission is strictly prohibited.


The design belongs to Pan Costume & Design

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